webexteamssdk is a community development project. Feedback, thoughts, ideas, and code contributions are most welcome!

How to contribute Feedback, Issues, Thoughts and Ideas

Please use the issues page to report issues or post ideas for enhancement.

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Interested in Contributing Code?

Developer Scripts

We have created some scripts to automate everyday actions needed when working on the project. Please see the script directory, and it’s README for more information.

Notes on the Test Suite

To test all the API endpoints, the account that you use for testing must be an admin user for your Webex Teams Organization. Additionally, you should know that that the testing process creates some test people, rooms, messages, teams, and etc. as part of executing the test suite. We strongly recommend NOT running the test suite using your personal Webex Teams account (not that you can’t; it’s just that you probably don’t want it cluttering your account with all these test artifacts).

If you cannot create a test account with admin privileges or configure your environment to run the test suite locally, you may always submit your code via a pull request. We will test your code before merging and releasing the changes.

Contributing Code

  1. Check for open issues or create a new issue for the item you want to work on and make sure to comment and let us know that you are working on it.

  2. Fork a copy of the repository and clone your forked repository to your development environment.

  3. Run script/setup to install the development dependencies and setup your environment.

  4. Configure the following environment variables in your development environment:

    • WEBEX_TEAMS_ACCESS_TOKEN - Your test account’s Webex Teams access token.
  5. Add your code to your forked repository.

    If you are creating some new feature or functionality (excellent!), please also write a test to verify that your code works as expected.

  6. We follow PEP8 reasonably strictly for this project. Please make sure your code passes the linter.

    Run script/test lint or simply run flake8 from the project root.

  7. Commit your changes.

  8. Submit a pull request.

Running the Test Suite Locally

Configure the following environment variables in your development environment:

  • WEBEX_TEAMS_ACCESS_TOKEN - Your test account’s Webex Teams access token.
  • WEBEX_TEAMS_TEST_DOMAIN - The test suite creates some users as part of the testing process. The test suite uses this domain name as the e-mail suffix of for the user’s e-mail addresses.
  • WEBEX_TEAMS_TEST_ID_START - The test suite uses this integer as the starting number for creating test user accounts (example: “”).
  • WEBEX_TEAMS_TEST_FILE_URL - Configure this environment variable with a URL referencing a file that can be downloaded and posted to Webex Teams as part of the testing process.


#!/usr/bin/env bash
export WEBEX_TEAMS_ACCESS_TOKEN="<test account's access token>"

Ensure your code passes all of the default tests. Run script/test and ensure all tests execute successfully.